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Anderson Downtown Development has done a lot to help us grow through their Business Programs.  Times are changing  in Downtown Anderson and without Business Assistance Grants Anderson offers it would not be possible for Figs and other small businesses to move forward.  There are small business owners that do not have corporate ownership and these grants help us out when we need it, making growth a less risky venture.  Anderson is changing for the better with more established restaurants and retail coming and with the City’s help we are excited about our expansion into Figs Farmacy (Revamped Coffee Shop and Market) coming in August 2018!  We’re excited to be in a partnership with Anderson and we look forward to the years ahead and what Anderson Downtown has coming!

- Jimmy Newton, Business Owner

Facade Program: Provides financial assistance for improvement projects on building facades. Grants up to $5,000 shall be provided to property owners or tenants; a 50% match is required.

Sign Program: Provides businesses signage on the exterior of buildings. Grants up to $500 shall be provided to property owners or tenants; no match is required.

Design Assistance: Provides for architectural design services and/or preparation of scope of work for exterior facades. Grants up to $500 will be provided to property owners or tenants; no match is required.

Infrastructure Reimbursement: Will reimburse any person, firm or corporation developing property for commercial, retail, cultural, tourism, or residential purposes for infrastructure costs associated with such development. Eligible infrastructure costs are but not limited to sewer, water, storm water, fire safety, sidewalks, and related infrastructure costs.

Historic Building Preservation: Provides for repairs that will stop the intrusion of water into a historic building. All buildings within the Downtown Historic District are eligible; however priority is given to those buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places or as a contributing member. Eligible items are for repair or roof repair, or the replacement/repair of other exterior elements (non-architectural) that are allowing water to enter the building and damage the interior structure of the building. The grant shall not be used as a match for the City's facade grant program.

Interior Up fit: Provides for repairs or up fits to the interior of a building that will either repair or restore architectural or structural elements of the building or up fits that cause the building to be retail ready. Generally all up fits must be permanent improvements to the building and may include but no be limited to display windows, new construction such as bathrooms or changing areas, certain electrical, mechanical and plumbing work, interior repairs to walls, windows and flooring. In determining priority among applicants emphasis shall be given to the degree the project preserves or establishes historic of other like architectural features in the interior of the building. 


  • Programs are offered to selected projects for tart up or existing businesses which are creating new jobs.

  • All programs are offered to properties zoned for commercial or industrial use located within the City limits with the exception of the Historic Building Maintenance Program which is offered to properties located in the downtown District only.

Selection Criteria:

  1. The degree to which the development may potentially stimulate other desirable economic development and/or redevelopment activity (catalytic effect).

  2. The contribution that the development will make toward increased employment and earning within the city, including the number and quality of jobs created.

  3. The increase in property tax revenues that may result from the development. 

  4. The increase in sales tax/fee revenues that may result from the development.

  5. The potential of the development for further business activity expansion and additional job creation.

  6. The preservation of key historical or architecturally significant buildings or sites.

  7. The extent to which additional direct or indirect public costs to the city and to other local government units would be necessary, such as the cost of extending public infrastructure facilities and/or municipal services. 

  8. The extent to which the proposed development satisfies a desired or unique niche in the marketplace and helps diversify the economy of the city

  9. The beneficial economic impacts the development with land use and development plans as descried by city goals and/or the comprehensive plan, including considering availability of existing infrastructure facilities and essential public services.


  • Prior approvals where applicable from any City Department, City council, Board of Commission must be obtained before participation in a Business Assistance Program is granted.

  • There is generally $25,000 available for allocations per quarter.

  • Applications will be accepted and evaluated on a quarterly basis in accorance with our fiscal year (July-June)

    • 1st Quarter (July, August, September) Application Deadline: September 13

    • 2nd Quarter (October, November, December) Application Deadline: December 13

    • 3rd Quarter (January, February, March) Application Deadline: March 13

    • 4th Quarter (April, May, June) Application Deadline: June 12

  • Participation in multiple programs will be capped at $15,000

    • Facade: $5,000 cap​

    • Sign: $500 cap

    • Design: $500 cap

    • Infrastructure Reimbursement: $10,000 cap

    • Historic Building Maintenance: $10,000 cap

    • Interior Up-fit: $10,000 cap

  • Applications will be evaluated using selection criteria.

  • There is no reimbursement for projects started before receiving approvals.

  • The project will be completed withing 120 days of approval.


  • Applications are to provide a business plan and contractor quotes for the work to be done under the scope of the request.

  • Applicants will be evaluated by the selection criteria and will be scored by staff.

  • Any individual program request of $10,000 or over will require City Council's approval.

  • To apply, please contact a staff member at 864-231-2601 or email bgamble@cityofandersonsc.com